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Blessed, Broken and Multiplied! How a Meal Became a Banquet! CD

Everything God Touches Multiplies

GOD’S SYSTEM OF INCREASE DEFIES LOGIC! If you want more give what you have away. If you want multiplication then divide what you have. If you want blessing then you must be broken! This timeless CD teaching will show you the secret to living blessed!

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My Personal Testimony! Against ALL Odds! CD

Nothing Is Impossible!

Anything and everything is possible with God on your side! Dr. Todd Coontz shares very personal experiences in this inspiring CD teaching that will touch your heart, build your faith, and motivate you to dream bigger than you ever have! Get Ready!

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Harvests Are Coming ‑ Delay Isn't Denial! CD

God Keeps Accurate Records!

Every single Seed you’ve planted into the work of the Lord is documented! Malachi 3:16 says, “A book of remembrance was written...” Your Seeds are not dead but dormant! God decides when those Seeds will emerge and grow. You must wait patiently with expectation! Get Ready! Harvests Are Coming!

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God's Benefit
Package CD

God’s Immutable Guarantee!

Covenant Blessings Are Yours! In the system of the world you’re rewarded based upon your education, problem solving, gifts, talents, bartering and trading of favors. But God’s reward system is based upon The Blood Covenant! Dr. Todd Coontz reveals the secrets to advancing in all areas of God’s Kingdom! You’ll learn how God rewards you!

Partner with Dr. Todd Today!

Through the convenience of Harvest Express, you can send your monthly Seed-Faith without writing a check or paying postage. It’s simple, swift and safe.

Harvest Express is a fantastic opportunity to increase the impact of your monthly gift to RWM. Best of all, it saves processing time and costs to maximize the power of your Seed-Faith Gift in reaching over 200 countries with the Gospel!

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Expect A Harvest

God Has A Bountiful Harvest For You!

He wants to bless you–in every area of your life! Harvest takes time, always begins with a Seed, but also requires days of toil, sweat, hard labor and patience before a bountiful crop emerges from the fertile soil. Any successful farmer knows this.

This powerful and revealing study by DR. TODD COONTZ provides the scriptural answers essential to reaping a perpetual Harvest.

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Quantum Faith
& Expectation CD

Faith Removes All Limits!

What does it mean to have faith? Bible faith isn’t feelings! Feelings change. Faith isn’t based on what you might feel at any given moment, but rather in God’s unchanging promises!