Pastor, Evangelist, Television Host, Author,

     Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Businessman

   are some words others use to describe

     dr. TODD COONTZ.

Dr. Todd Coontz’s life of service to God began at age 10
when he dedicated his life to the Lord at the altar in a small
country church.  “I’ll go where You want me to go, God … I’ll say
what You tell me to say… I’ll do whatever You want! I am yours!”
The following night he preached his first sermon on Moses and
the Ten Commandments, having just watched the classic movie
by the same title. The prayer he prayed in that little chapel
changed the course of his life and launched him into
more than four decades of ministry and preaching
the gospel around the world!


As the Founder/Pastor of Dominion Family
Worship Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he
proclaims the message of the gospel and
The Great Commission to the body of Christ.
He loves God’s people and is committed to
building a church where everyone is

welcome. His ministry extends beyond
the local church through his daily
television broadcast, FAITH NOW,
which reaches 90 million
homes in the US and airs globally
in over 200 countries. Millions
have been touched, inspired,
educated, and motivated to become
everything God desires for them through
his multi-faceted ministry.


A published author with more than 10 books and
several best-selling titles, Dr. Coontz ministers effectively on the topics of faith, finances, and building people. As a noted faith teacher and captivating communicator, Dr. Coontz is passionate about the principles of Biblical Economics outlined in the Covenant found in Deuteronomy 28:1-14.


In addition to his many endeavors, he finds time to travel internationally with some of the most renown “Generals of Faith” and can be seen on the largest television networks, including TBN, Daystar, INSP, Word Network, and more. He is also the Founder of RockWealth International Ministries, the Owner of Legacy Media, Inc., a media and publishing company, and holds an Honorary Doctor of Ministry Degree from Kingsway University.


Dr. Todd Coontz is a minister of the gospel with a heart for God’s people … a humanitarian committed to feeding underprivileged children … and a man of God who lives what he preaches!