Feed The Hungry


Thank You Partners!

"And if thou draw out of thy soul

to the hungry, and satisfy the

afflicted soul; then shall thy

light rise in obscurity, and thy

darkness be as the noon day."

- ISAIAH 58:10


Dr. Lester Sumrall (1913-1996) traveled the world as a missionary statesman for over sixty years and saw firsthand the terrible suffering caused by hunger and poverty. In 1987, he was challenged by God with a vision to feed those innocent people who are plagued by such desperate situations. With enthusiasm and determination, LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry® was founded that same year.

For almost twenty years more than 165 million dollars of food and relief supplies have been distributed in 82 nations of the world. Our pastor-to-pastor, church-to-church program ensures that the food gets directly to those who need it most. Food is not left on docks to rot nor stolen by corrupt government officials. Instead, it is put directly into the hands of local church leaders who intimately know the needs of their communities.

From its conception, Feed The Hungry has focused on bringing help to those in need both physically and spiritually. We must do more than just feed empty bellies. Because we work exclusively through local churches and ministries, each distribution also provides an opportunity to touch the spirit and soul of those in need through prayer, encouragement, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wherever and whenever possible we also distribute Bibles to those receiving family food packs. Physical food is temporal, but the Bread of Life can change a life for eternity.

Because of the generous support of partners and the strong network of our International Offices, Feed The Hungry has been able to provide emergency relief to those in need due to famine, drought, flood, war, or other natural disaster.

Thank You Partners...! Your precious Seeds sown each month enables RockWealth International Ministries to sow a generous monthly Seed helping support this worthwhile effort. Without your prayers, letters of encouragement, and financial Seeds into this ministry this would not be possible. Thank You...!

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