Kingsway University is an Educational Institution founded in 1967 for the facilitation of the Education of Global Ministers, for the promotion & expansion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide. We offer studies in Associates and Bachelors of Arts, Masters  & Doctoral & PHD degree programs.

Our University is accredited by the International Association of Bible Colleges & Theological Seminaries. We are in active operation in multiple States in the United States and in
many nations.

The Basis of granting an Honorary Doctorate of Ministry is
based on Life Ministry Experience, educational accomplishment, practical Execution & Administration in effective & influential ministry based upon Impactful Success in the arenas of Propagation, Communication, & Implementation of Inciseful ministry. This Process highlights specific fields of practical, utilitarian, systematic Active & Proven Ministry.

After meeting these requirements presented to the official governing board of Kingsway University, the candidates’ names and respectful ministries are examined, verified, & vetted by the board of the same. Honorary Doctorates are issued to Illustrate Exemplary Ministry of Constructive Implementation of the Goals of attainable ministries of Excellence, & Longevity.

It has been our honor to bestow the Acknowledgment of the Degree of Honorary Doctor of Ministry upon Reverend Todd Coontz, on the basis of his contribution to promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ through a life of ministry including Christian Television Broadcasting, Christian Publishing & Media Ministry, Biblical Communications, Kingdom Strategy Stewardship clinics, Conferences, & Symposiums, Illustrative of effective Global Impact, Reverend Todd Coontz has illustrated accomplishment of commendation, for Sterling Insight of Vision, Motivation& Activation of Kingdom Principles of Ministry& Service.

Dr. David Brown
Kingsway University